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A few days ago, I posted a poll asking writers where they were and what they were doing when they got their best ideas. There were some pretty amazing replies. Out of all the categories, ‘other’ got the greatest number of votes. Within this category, writers nominated walking as the best activity. People also mentioned that they get their ideas anywhere, someone said their best ideas came from dreams, and others mentioned the loo, and while having a smoke.

For those who don’t walk and don’t smoke, driving seems to be the next best activity. I don’t know what this does for road safety.

Next most popular place was in bed.

I found it strange that the activity where I get most of my ideas – while doing stupid jobs around the house, such as ironing and hanging out washing – didn’t get many votes. Sometimes I can remember what item I was hanging up when I got a brilliant idea. I never get any ideas in bed. I don’t dream, and I tend to get up when I’m awake. And no matter how boring the gym can be, I don’t find it very stimulating for writing ideas either. For me, exercise includes walking, and when I walk, I find it really hard to keep thinking about a certain story when the scenery around me changes.

Driving? No way. That is for writing music.

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