has your pleasure in reading been spoilt?

I hear a lot from writers that since they’ve started learning the writing craft, they can’t pick up a book without seeing its flaws. How does it affect you?


3 comments on “has your pleasure in reading been spoilt?

  1. I haven’t lost my love for reading, but I do find it difficult to turn off my “inner editor” when reading. Noticing typos (and it’s a rare published book that doesn’t have at least one) isn’t too big an issue, but noticing repeated words, phrasing that seems clumsy, “As you know, John, this house was built in 1952, and at the time was the largest…”-style dialogue does drag me right out of the story.

    Of course to some extent it did even before I started spending large amounts of time writing. I was certainly aware of weak characterisation, inconsistencies and faulty logistics. But I’m more aware of technical issues now, and have to keep telling myself it’s *not* my job to consider whether a particular sentence could have been better phrased.

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