POD is not self-publishing

I’ve seen comments around a few times of people who imply that POD and self-publishing is the same thing. While it’s true that a lot of self-publishers (a LOT, but not all) use POD, POD, meaning Print-On-Demand is emphatically not the same as self publishing.

Self-publishing is a publishing model. Publishing is what happens before and after the book goes to print. Printing the book is merely an outsourced part of the process.

POD is a printing model, whereby a machine turns out as many copies of a book as you need. Kinda like photocopying for books. It is especially suited to small press, but larger publishing houses also use it for ARCs. Anything that doesn’t justify sending the job to a large commercial printer.

If you subscribe to ASIM, you might have noticed we went from a saddlestiched (stapled) magazine to a bound magazine with glossy cover and vibrant colours. We went from regular print to a POD outlet. Everything else remained the same. POD has NOTHING to do with the publishing model (publisher or self-published or something in between).


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