the Avatar effect

Funny how this post slots in with what I was writing yesterday.

Something odd has been going on in our household in the past few days. In general, my husband doesn’t read fiction. I spotted him reading Dune. I know: what the…? But every time he speaks to someone on the phone he mentions we went to see Avatar on Thursday night.

My daughters have been complaining that every time they go onto Facebook there are floods of messages going around in their large groups of friends that all amount to the same thing: OMG, did you see it?

As I said, my husband doesn’t read SF – he doesn’t even read fiction. My daughters don’t read SF – although they do read fantasy. Neither they or their friends are familiar with the genre, neither is my husband. To them, the term SF might represent the science-y, stodgy, old-fashioned ideals of the 1950’s. They, and a large group of other people, are now saying: OMG, is this SF? I want more!

And that, my dear friends, is what will happen.

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