Upcoming release: the Belong anthology

Belong cover

I haven’t used this blog for promotional purposes, but I want to give some attention to this awesome anthology edited by the awesome Russell Farr, from Western Australia, where he runs Ticonderoga Publications, a small press that does awesome things. Check out their books

The Belong anthology contains stories about immigration and the people (or aliens) it affects, an idea inspired by the many varied immigrant populations in Australia. It features 113,000 words of original fiction from around the world: Australia, Canada, Argentina, United Kingdom, U.S.A. and Belgium. It will be coming out in April for Swancon, and is available for pre-order from the publisher.

The TOC is as follows (and yes, I declare self-interest, because I have a story in this volume):

“Border Crossing”, Penelope Love
“Mrs Estahazi”, Barbara Robson
“Norumbega”, Linda L. Donahue
“Ice”, Zdravka Evtimova
“United”. Jennifer Moore
“Rekindle the Sun”, Mary E. Lowd
“The Gift”, Barry Rosenberg
“Prisoner of the Faceless”, Kurt Bachard
“Merpeople”, Gwen Veazey
“Feather-light”, George Ivanoff
“Speaking English”, Stephanie Burgis
“Green, Green Grass of Homeworld”, Donna Maree Hanson
“I Belong to this Red Land”, Edwina Harvey
“All Tales Must End”, Michelle Muenzler
“Namug”, Gustavo Bondoni
“Song of the Blackbird”, Sarah Totton
“A Friendly Gesture”, Chet Gottfried
“Initiation”, Sonia Helbig
“Slow Cookin’”, Angela Rega
“The Ballad of P’toresk”, Simon Petrie
“The Hollow Ones”, Kylie Seluka
“Trassi Udang”, Patty Jansen
“Deeper than Flesh and Closer”, Carol Ryles

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