writer, mind your health

Twitter is interesting. It’s fun, it’s immediate and it’s quite personal. It’s kinda voyeuristic as well.

Through Twitter, and other social media, I’ve connected with many writers.

Just lately, I’ve come to realise something awful:

I’ve never known a collective group of people more plagued by chronic health problems.

OK, OK, the social media are kinda conducive to whinge and whine about your doctor’s appointments, your pain in whatever body part, and your anxiety.


Fact remains…

Writers seem to have an disproportionate amount of arm and shoulder problems. Or back problems. Tennis elbows, back pain, sciatica, you name it.

Many writers have issues with anxieties or depression. Or they’re unhappy, or lonely, or feel socially isolated.

More often than not, when random people post pictures from cons or writer gatherings all over the world, a fair number of people in the pictures will be overweight.

Are writers more prone to these three things in particular? Am I crazy? I don’t know, but, it seems to me a good idea to keep track of your posture and ergonomics while you’re working. If your arms or anywhere in your upper body feels sore after a day of work, change your posture, change your work area. Get professional help, if you are unsure. Also: especially middle-aged and older women tend to have absolutely-bloody-pathetic strength in their arms and shoulders. Muscle wastage causes and exacerbates shoulder and arm injuries. In short: go to the gym and do some weight exercises! This one in particular stopped my neck and shoulder problems.

Make sure you don’t forget your social circle and your real life. Dont let yourself become isolated and lonely.

And get off your arse and stop the upwards weight-creep. Eat healthy food and set some time aside each day for exercise.


3 comments on “writer, mind your health

  1. Started a regular walking schedule, 30-45 minutes 4-6 times a week. Less discomfort in my wrists, shoulders and back. Eating better. The big plus is, my writing is so much easier.

    • that’s my point. Writing is easier, and in any person’s life, health and wellbeing comes first. Neglecting yourself is just not worth it in the long run.

  2. When I was taking writing classes, we had a couple of classes that inadvertently became devoted to the friendly sharing of personal stories of early teenage depression and attempted suicides. It was then that I realized the great percentage of artists at my school who could partake in this discussion. I don’t know about health problems, but I have noticed a trend in mental distress and creative people.

    Traditional karate and mixed martial arts are good for your soul. Also, I had a rolfing session a few weeks ago, and he worked absolute wonders on every part of my body that had been abused by sitting at the computer for hours a day, particularly my whole back and my right arm (the tendonitus-prone, once-damaged, mouse-clicking arm). I recommend it.

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