election post

Since we’ve just voted here in Australia today, here is a political-themed question. I’ve wondered about this one for a while.

Why is it that most writers lean to the left side of politics?

– They don’t, just the lefties are more vocal
– There is something about writing that co-incides with a left-wing view
– All writers are bleeding hearts, yanno

Enter your theories below. Please stay polite.


4 comments on “election post

  1. Generally speaking, and it’s not 100% of course, the creative side of the brain is the emotional side. Creative people generally think more emotionally – it’s what makes them creative. And, in general, the politics of the left is more based on emotion. The politics of the right is more based on rational thought – and please, no one take this as saying the left is irrational, just that the right doesn’t generally take emotions into account AS MUCH as they do rational thought, and the left take emotions into account somewhat more than rational thought. Each side has some of each, just as each person uses some of each. A creative person isn’t totally emotional and a more rational-minded person isn’t totally unemotional. But those who lean toward rational thought will generally lean toward business, entrepreneurial ventures, and therefore may be more individualistic rather than community or socially minded, and will look at gov’t programs on a risk/benefit/cost basis, and generally look for less costly ways to solve or mitigate social problems. A more emotional thought process will see social problems and react with a “we must do something about this as a community/society” thought process.

    Just as each individual has, and needs to have, a balance of both emotional and rational thought, society must also have a balance. Too much one way or the other is disastrous, so thank goodness we have people whose politics are on both sides to help balance out the other and, eventually, come to the right balance for society. Hopefully.

  2. I know a few writers who are right-winged. I don’t particularly know why. Of the given choices, I’m inclined to say the lefties are more vocal. I try not to get into politics, but I do notice a lot of writers and artists are more liberal. On the other hand, I personally know a lot of conservatives.

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