4 comments on “‘His Name In Lights’ up at Grantville Gazette

  1. Great story, Patty. I really enjoyed it. An interesting investigation of some of the moral questions we will be facing with the increasing quest for ‘biological robots’. I am also totally impressed with the world building.

  2. Hi Patty, I just read His Name in Lights in the back of the Grantville Gazette and was impressed enough to look you up. Do you have more stories in that “world” or do you have plans to expand upon it to a full length novel? That had too much good detail to just leave at a short story.

    • Thank you, Mike. This is my first official pro publication. I have planned to do something novel-length with this world, something that happens about 100 years later, but I don’t know how quickly that will eventuate, since the plot is like sand slipping through my fingers. Very frustrating. I’ve published/sold a number of stories and one novella in the same world in semipro venues. All stories cover completely different angles and time-frames of this complex world. Some are more social-oriented, some take place earlier or later than this story and their relationship will not always be obvious to the reader.
      Poor Man’s Travel will be published in Keith Stevenson’s (Coeur de Lion publishing) Anywhere But Earth anthology
      Charlotte’s Army (novella) will be published in the Distant Worlds anthology
      Luminescence was published in Martian Wave, but I’m adapting it in novella form with much more detail on worldbuilding with the plan to put it on Smashwords as experiment (since I can hardly sell a magazine a novella based on a story I’ve already sold)

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