short fiction 2010 roundup

Since everyone is doing this…

Of course this goes with the usual caveats: the list is highly coloured by the magazines I subscribe to, and fiction I happened to come across. Unfortunately, this also means there are magazines that are over-represented and ones I haven’t had the time to read.

But, without much further ado, here are the ten stories I enjoyed most in 2010 (no particular order, not even alphabetical):

Torquing vacuum by Jay Lake, Clarkesworld 41 (Feb)

Marya and the Pirate by Geoffrey Landis, Asimov’s Jan 2010

In-fall by Ted Kosmatka Lightspeed, Dec 2010

Alone with Gandhari by Gord Sellar, Clarkesworld 42 (March)

Running Lizard by Simon Petrie, Rare Unsigned Copy

Earth III by Stephen Baxter, Asimov’s June 2010

Troika by Alastair Reynolds, Godlike Machines

The woman who waited forever by Bruce McAllister Asimov’s Feb 2010

Acception by Tessa Kum, Baggage (Sep)

The Laughing Girl from Bora Fanong: A tale of colonial Venus by John Dixon and Adam Browne, ASIM 46 (Sep)

I have no idea what thislist says about me, other than that I just spent about an hour going through my copies of various magazines, because I have trouble remembering (actually, I don’t usually take much notice of) author names and story titles.

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