ASIM #49 now released

We’ve been having a good run with the magazine. The year 2010 saw no less than seven issues released, and 2011 is starting off pretty good.

But there is no way, just no way you should miss Kimberley van Ginkel’s story Star-crossed. It’s a deceptively simple tale, but if you’re not in tears at the end of the story, you may abuse me. You can buy a single issue in PDF or dead-tree version on the magazine’s website. Get it. This one story is worth the price of the entire magazine, even the price of a subscription. And no, I didn’t select the story, nor did I slush it, so I have no vested interest.

Uber-editor Simon Petrie writes: ASIM 49. Assembled by the crack team of Robbie Matthews and Edwina Harvey, issue 49 is a veritable smorgasbord (or, as it should more properly be, smörgåsbord) of deities, demons, washed-up superheroes, witches, crones, aliens, explorers, sidekicks, and frozen desserts. But moving beyond the membership of the Andromeda Spaceways co-op, to the contents of the issue itself, you’ll find work by Chris Large, Marissa Lingen, Rachel Mohr, Kimberly Van Ginkel, K. H. R. Smith, Darian Smith (no relation), Sam Bowring, Tom Howard, Joseph L. Kellogg, Karl Bunker and Leona Wisoker, as well as poetry by Peter Cooper, Andrew Findlay, James Frederick William Rowe and Darrell Schweitzer. There’s a reprint of issue 48′s Marty Young story, with which we were somewhat too imaginative in the typesetting first time around, there are book reviews and interviews and artworks. And, of course, ink, rather a lot of ink, for what is a magazine without ink?

6 comments on “ASIM #49 now released

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    • It, is, too! LOL I hadn’t seen this cover before, and only proof-read the issue, so had not paid too much attention to it (having placed the physical issue on my ‘already-read’ list). I don’t know that I can do anything, but I’ll pass it onto the crew…

    • OK, as far as I’ve been able to ascertain, it’s wholly intentional. The cover illustrates a story in the issue about a space captain who does have some – ahem- sexual issues.

  2. Ha, yeah the rocket definitely looks like it was intentional, as are the giant balls the woman is holding.

    Regarding “Star-Crossed”, I am in the middle of reading it, and I completely agree at how awesome it is. This is the best sort of SF that uses science fictional concepts to better illustrate real-world situations, in this case a couple growing apart over time. I was interrupted mid-read, and took the opportunity to go Google the author’s name, and that’s how I ended up here. 🙂

    • Yes, it seems to have been intentional. I guess I went in panic mode because people acted offended. I tend to busy myself with what’s inside the magazine, not what’s on the outside. My bad, I guess.

      Kimberley’s story is indeed very powerful emotionally. It’s a pity she’s not an Aussie or I could nominate her for the Aurealis Awards.

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