in which we jump on the Ditmar nominations bandwagon

Some fellow writers or editors will recognise the feeling:

Nominations are due for an award, in this case the Ditmar Award for Australian speculative fiction. Immediately, a lot of people jump on blogs listing their achievements in a kind of nominate-me-nominate-me extravaganza. I look at it, and find the whole process somewhat distasteful.

But, some say, you need to remind people what they can vote for, because otherwise you’re forgotten. Also true, probably.

With awards that are decided by popular vote, such as the Ditmars, there is an element of networking (schmoozing, if you like) that will undoubtedly help winners get across the line. Personally, I think this networking takes place throughout the year. In other words, if an award is really determined by popularity as much as everyone says, the award is decided throughout the year, and if you have to start reminding people of your achievements when nominations are due, you’ve probably missed the boat.

Still, I acknowledge that I find self-nomination slightly distasteful, as well as I recognise that it may be a necessary evil.

Hence this post. I’m going to start off by nominating some works by others I’ve enjoyed this year. These are people, collected works, stories and novels I’ve already nominated.

Nomination for the Ditmar Awards is open to anyone in Australia who is—in their words—active in fandom. In practice, if you’re a writer, a reader and take part in the SFF community, and you live in Australia, you can nominate. Eligible works are those published in Australia written by Australians or Australian residents. Voting on the shortlist takes place at Swancon. Precise details here:

Here are some things I’ve enjoyed this year:
Gillian Polack’s Baggage anthology, and especially the stories Acceptance by Tessa Kum and Albert & Victoria/Slow Dreams by Lucy Sussex
Simon Petrie’s Rare Unsigned Copy and especially his story Running Lizard
The laughing girl from Bora Fanong: a tale of colonial Venus by John Dixon and Adam Browne in ASIM 46
Free Falling by Mark Weller in ASIM 48
Latency by Simon Petrie in Aurealis 43
Stormlord Rising by Glenda Larke (I’ve read very few novels published in 2010)
The art and cover designs by Andrew McKiernan and Russell Farr
Reviews at ticon4, HorrorScope and A Writer Goes On A Journey

So go and nominate your favourites.

Oh yes, I have a few things on this list:

Short stories:
Metal Dragon (ASIM 46)
Little Boy Lost (Midnight Echo 4)
Trassi udang (Belong Anthology)
To look at the sky (Semaphore SF)

Apparently I’m also eligible for the Best New Talent category

2 comments on “in which we jump on the Ditmar nominations bandwagon

  1. I like your approach. I never know what to do with it. I really care about getting as much participation as possible, and I really don’t care for “This is my work – love me.”

    I love it that you enjoyed Baggage :). Whether or not it gets past any line, seeing that people have enjoyed it makes me smile, every time.

  2. Hi, this is interesting. I wanted to check out some of the books you suggested.

    i,e,: Your search “science fiction and fantasy The laughing girl from Bora Fanon By John Dixon and Adam Browne” did not match any books.

    I was wondering if you could please add links to where we can find these books, esp. e-publishers or if they are small press.

    Thanks @Uva_Be

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