Some more pictures

Yesterday was the last day where I’ll probably have any time to do any sightseeing. We’re sitting in the cafe for breakfast. There’s four of us here, and the workshop will start at nine. I don’t expect to have much more time to do much posting.

Yesterday, all the other writers arrived, so any time not spent listening to someone will be spent talking.

Anyway, yesterday morning, I walked around and took a few more pictures.

Hollywood Boulevard. You can see the stars on the sidewalks. The strange thing I find is how suburban and quiet this place gets at night. It’s dead in the mornings. Sunday, too, I was wondering where everyone was.

And then the weirdos in the dress-up suits come out.

View from my window at the fifth floor of the Roosevelt Hotel. You can see the Author Services building where the workshop is held. The road you can see is Hollywood Boulevard.

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