WOTF workshop photos

Here are some more photos of things we did during the workshop. I’ve tried to stick to photos that aren’t already on the WOTF blog.

On the Friday morning, we were officially introduced to our illustrators. Scott Hargrave does a lot of work in ink on paper. Strangely enough, I also like doing illustrations in this style, so I thought it was a good fit.

The official blog shows me talking to a young woman, well… that was not the one who ended up being used in my 24-hour story. THESE were the people that were the inspiration for Mauro and Gabriela in my story (they were on honeymoon, from Brazil). Unfortunately, I managed to lose the photographer somewhere on Hollywood Boulevard (not all that hard to do, really) and this is the only photo she got. Darth Vader is an added bonus.

After that, and after having gotten material from the library (photos on WOTF blog), we had 24 hours to write a story, which most of us did in the historic lobby of the hotel (whilst swapping tweets about snow having fallen in Australia, and with people in NZ about names for monsters–are you reading this, @fangbooks?)

And this is us, with Galaxy Press director John Goodwin, being interviewed on Starship Sofa (link to interview).

One comment on “WOTF workshop photos

  1. Thanks for more photos – what a gorgeous location. I finally watched the ceremony video yesterday. It was fun to see you and other familiar names up there talking! I hope you had a fantastic, fantastic time.

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