Writers of the Future vol. 27 is here!

The stories:

The Unreachable Voices of Ghosts – Jeffrey Lyman
Maddy Dune’s Frist and Only Spelling Bee – Patrick O’Sullivan
The Truth, from a Lie of Convenience – Brennan Harvey
In Apprehension, How Like a God – R.P.L. Johnson
An Acolyte of Black Spires – Ryan Harvey
The Dualist – Van Aaron Hughes
Bonehouse – Keffy R.M. Kehrli
This Peaceful State of War – Patty Jansen
Sailing the Sky Sea – Geir Lanesskog
Unfamiliar Territory – Ben Mann
Medic! – Adam Perrin
Vector Victoria – D.A. D’Amico
The Sundial – John Arkwright

For my friends in Australia, I have some copies here, which are available for A$15, which includes postage anywhere in Australia. If you’re in NZ, add another A$5. Payment is through Paypal. Respond here, or DM on Twitter or Facebook, or email me at patty@capricornica.com if you’d like a copy.

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