cover design by committee mark 2

A few days ago, I posted proposed designs for my fantasy ebook covers. I’ve fiddled with them a bit more, especially the second one, since some people said that the tree made them think of romance.

Also, this lot without the white swirl (it’s still there, but I’ve parked it down a few layers so it doesn’t show). So which do you prefer? This lot here or the older ones?

Any thoughts about what genre these images suggest?

ETA: now with daggers!

Some shading and positioning fine-tuning probably still to be done.

10 comments on “cover design by committee mark 2

  1. Hmm. I again like the third one best, but for different reasons this time.

    I like the cover of book 1, but it looks more like not SFF now. Sort of reminds me of a Matthew Riley cover. I am not sure the silhouette helps your case there. Without something out of the ordinary to him, he just adds to the contemporary fiction vibe.

    Book 2… I don’t really like the flames (?) and I’m not convinced seeing more of the tree makes it look less romancey. That said, I don’t think the tree is inappropriate for fantasy, but if not romancey is what you’re aiming for, I dunno. If anything it brings to my mind things like epic romance and struggles in the Australian desert.

    I do like what you’ve done with the “Hearts…” text on all three covers. Now that I compare with the old versions, it doesn’t look that different and possibly just rendered the colour better/larger but there you go.

  2. I like them. The background gives them the unity I look for in a triligy in spite of the diverse colours. I don’t remember what the first version looks like so I can’t comment on the comparison. Good luck. Yvonne

  3. I think you do a much better job of conveying that this is a fantasy series with the sword, though I miss the tinge of red to the third cover that the swirl used to provide. It’s called “Blood and Tears” but the color scheme is… black and yellow?

  4. darken the yellow lettering in the third to a dark red; Leave off the modern black sillohettte of a person in the first one (looks like a How I backpacked across the Frozen North true-life type tale with that figure there) Leave the second alone, perfect.

    I like this version of the three covers a great deal more

    • I’m going to re-do the lettering on 2 and 3. I’d like to change the green (not sure what colour yet), and will make the orange red (as suggested by some people). Also, the slightly improved version I have of each has the bottom lettering centred, and has more white shadow around the titles to make them stand out more. Still fiddling.

  5. I think all three covers are fantastic as a concept and they are among the best I have seen for a trilogy. I do think they need more work.

    To take it up a notch I would add the following.

    Cover 1. Flames licking the sword shaft and a more hazy or foggy background

    Cover 2. Dew on the blade of the sword

    Cover3. Blood droplets on the sword.

    4 reduce the & so it is visible
    I would also play with the color of the title. Maybe give it a metalic feel by adding gold or silver etc and using a gradient.

    • thanks. I have another month or two to fiddle with these. I have (not yet converted or uploaded) adapted versions in which I’ve centred the white text and made the flames clearer. I also agree about the colour. The sword is essentially a transparent layer, so I’m not sure if adding things to it is going to look good. I will re-do the lettering of the titles (now I’ve worked out a process of how to do it) and increase the shading.

  6. These are pretty nifty, Patty. Only one nit-pick on my part: The green on the “Hearts of Dust and Rain” cover really clashes with the ruddy tones (at least, on my screen.) Perhaps something less lime and more forest would blend better. But, just my opinion. Other than that I think they look very nice. 🙂

    • Thanks. These are not the finished covers, by the way.

      I now have them close to finished, and I think that when you’ll compare them, you’ll see what a difference some small-scale fiddling makes.

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