Take a ride with evil: Icefire Trilogy part 1: Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice
Part 1 of the Icefire Trilogy

The southern land is an icy plateau that is so poor and isolated that its name has fallen out of use. The inhabitants live in subzero temperatures in crippling poverty, building houses out of the remains of a long lost civilisation, but its source of energy, radiation called icefire, poisons the land and a large part of the population.
Life in the City of Glass is harsh and so are the people. Loriane, midwife to the select few young women still able to conceive. Isandor, apprentice Eagle Knight despite having been born with only one foot. Carro, Isandor’s friend, plagued by crippling visions. Jevaithi, the puppet queen, surrounded by leering knights.
The equilibrium is upset when the sorcerer Tandor arrives in the City of Glass. He wants to restore the glory of the old machines that use icefire, even though he alone cannot control the raw power.

This is not a series for kiddies. Although most violence and sex takes place off-stage, this series deals with aspects that are adult in nature, such as childbirth, torture and rape as punishment.

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