Image of the day goes to Mars

In the spirit of me attending the tweetup at the Canberra Deep Space Centre next week, image of the day travels to Mars.

I think this is a passable Martian landscape. I’m not entirely sure if you could actually see CO2 clouds, but I thought it fun to add a couple anyway. The objective of the image was to make the ground look like sand, and to change the colour of the sky, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds, because every time I turned around, the software would re-set the sky to blue. What does it know about Mars anyway?

6 comments on “Image of the day goes to Mars

    • There is a Mars-project running in Arizona (I think). If you look up writer David Levine’s blog, you’ll find all about it. It’s basically a camp where people pretend to be on Mars, and have to run everything by themselves, without outside help. David was there for two weeks and gave a talk about it at Aussiecon. Interesting.

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