Image of the day is scared of vampires

For today, I wanted to play around a bit more with people. It gets a bit boring to have your characters staring at the camera with a sultry look, such as a lot of stock photos involving models. But if a character is doing something, it often means they are in a scene, rather than copied & pasted in front of it. You can use a background image, but you need some objects for the character to interact with.

Now, I don’t know that until I point this out, many of you would have noticed that the tree in the foreground is pretty darn straight. It isn’t, in fact a tree. It’s a cylinder with tree-stuff wrapped around it. I made the cylinder, and the tree-stuff. That was my exercise in 3D modelling today. One day, I will learn to make less-straight trees (here, it doesn’t matter that much because all the other–real–trees are straight, too). Maybe soon I can win my argument with that crystal ball I was trying to make…

Anyway, I liked this image, so I used it as the cover of a double of scary stories, which I put on Smashwords last night.


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