Image of the day is a doodle

This 3D stuff is fun. However, the previous images were all made with some degree of pre-existing artwork/algorithms. The awesome Mars landscape and the mountain background in the dragon picture were made with an awesome program called Terragen. A non-commercial low-res version is available for free. I would love to buy the full version. It’s not that expensive, but unfortunately, the free version on my computer is about as stable as an elephant on rollerskates. So, after the program crashed irretrievably four times yesterday, I conceded defeat, and recognised that there may well be some irreconcilable compatibility issues. I may need to wait for the next version, because this one just doesn’t work for me.

So, I’ve gone back to basics and a sneak peek I’ve been allowed at an awesome course for Blender written by my internet pal Heikki Hietala (who–in case the name didn’t give it away already–lives in Finland. Isn’t the internet awesome?)

Anyway, I doodled together a few cubes and a demented cylinder, and whipped up a few magic carpets to make the above image from scratch. Next step: refine the building so it actually looks like a tower, and not like a few cubes and a demented cylinder. Also, refine the background so that it looks like grass and not like a magic carpet with a covering that may just look like grass if you squint very hard. Make a tree, and some bushes. Or a rock. To be continued.


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