Image of the day has lost the magic carpet

I haz grass!

I am sure that there is an easier way to insert it than copy-pasting 30000 individual clumps of home-made grass, and I’m sure I’ll find out what it is. Eventually.

Now the tower thing looks really daft, and I’ll have to replace it with something else.

ETA: OMG. Pebbles! They look real.


3 comments on “Image of the day has lost the magic carpet

  1. I’ve certainly never tried, but my impression from having some computer artsy friends is that you can get brushes that “paint” in the shape of blades of grass (or hair or whatever). Not sure if that sort of thing would work with the 3D stuff you’re doing, but it might be something worth googling.

    • You should be able to do that with the mouse as well, but if only I could find out what they call it in this piece of software, and how it’s activated…

      • I meant software brushes. But I think I’ve mainly heard of them in non-3D things, so that could be it. Also, I think professional 3D artists often tweak their work in PhotoShop after all the rendering is taken care of (not helpful for you if you’re just playing around with effects, though).

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