Image of the day is a witness

I decided to put my ISF/Allion stories up online whenever I can. With the story The Rebelliousness of Trassi Udang (which was published in the Belong anthology), I had intended to wait until Poor Man’s Travel (Anywhere But Earth), which follows it, comes out of contract, but the consensus seems to be that it’s better to publish single stories.

So. I needed an image. Hey-ho! An opportunity to do some messing about with 3D programs.

So here we see Ari ducking behind a corner while Tash gets beaten up.

If you’re interested, here is the link. It’s free for the time being.

If you’re interested, the other stories in this progression of short stories are (Characters):

ISF line:
Prototype (Charlotte West, Kali Landau) – published in MBrane SF
Charlotte’s Army (Charlotte West, Kali Landau, Aiden Landau)

ISF/immigrant line:
Luminescence (Hadie Kessler, Paul Ormerod) – Martian Wave
Trassi Udang (Ari Suleiman Rudiyanto, Tash Landau) – Belong
Poor Man’s Travel (Jas Grimshaw, Ari’s cousin Rina Hermann Rudiyanto, Paul Ormerod) – Anywhere But Earth
Novel – title not fixed – immediately following the above story (Ari’s cousin Melati, Ari, Tash, Jas Grimshaw, Paul Ormerod

Allion line:
His Name In Lights
novel TBA

3 comments on “Image of the day is a witness

  1. So are all those stories in the same universe? I’m slightly confused by the way you divided them up. (Also because I thought Luminescence and His Name in Lights WERE universe-ly compatible.) I had no idea that Charlotte’s army also fell in with them. Will have to move that up my TRB.

    • All of them are in the same universe. I should also do a timeline at some stage. His Name In Lights is set a long time before the others. It’s set before the war, with the side that everyone is at war with.

      Allion Aerospace is initially a company that tries to do everything on the cheap, takes a lot of risks and liberties with personal rights. Their workers don’t mind; they come from the poorest cities in the world and the alternative for them is starvation. I could go on for a long time here, but I’d probably better finish the trilogy and then write this novel 😉

      Basically, Allion takes off into the outer solar system and further with the technology and the remaining people have to re-invent the wheel. Both sides intersect at various points in time. There will be an Allion novel (about half-written) about the separation that started all separations.

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