Image of the day plays with shadow and light

When I’ve done a good day of writing, I reward myself with some time to play with graphics. In this setup, I went to play with shadows and light.
I have no idea who this woman is (some sort of law enforcement authority), where she is (some sort of space station) and what she’s doing here or why she has a gun. Feel free to speculate.
The cabin has a light in the sleeping alcove and there is a much stronger light in the corridor, which reflects against the wall where the camera is (you can’t see this wall) and back onto the woman. The back wall isn’t really there, so I had to create a third light.
All three lights have raytraced shadows. Hint: this takes forever to render, especially the part that has the hair. Below is a close-up of the woman’s face. I like the way the light hits the hair from different angles.


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