Now for something entirely different

OK, so neither of those two images I posted yesterday work. People seem to prefer the old image, which is the current cover, but it’s a poor image and I want to change it, so I’ve tossed both concepts and am trying something completely new.

People like having a character on the cover image, so I made up a character file for Hadie. She will return in later stories anyway.

The image is kinda physically impossible. When you’re on the surface of Titan, all you can see is an orange murk, but never mind. Reality is for whimps and wusses, and an image of just the girl with the light could make people think that it’s an inspirational/religiuos story, so I needed the space element. Also: a murky orange background is boring.

I also took another approach to the title.

The really cool thing about ebooks is that you can muck around with covers as much as you like. I guess you can do this with the text itself, too, but I have not done that yet.


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