Mediocrity is not an option

A bit about my non-writerly life.

When I was in high school, I used to play the recorder. Not the cheap plastic variety, but proper wooden ones. I have a selection of nice concert recorders of various sizes. I played for about ten years before the rest of my life started intruding. Moreover, I didn’t really know/didn’t have the opportunity to play in an ensemble, and it gets kinda boring to play on your own.

Fast forward way too many years. At my kids’ high school, they have a very good band program. Part of the program is a concert every term, and they usually invite a guest ensemble to play. One evening, this was a local community band. I noticed one of the school’s parents playing the clarinet, and talked to him afterwards. It turned out that this group was starting a new ensemble just for people like me. Well, of course, recorders aren’t very loud and unsuitable for a concert band, so I started the flute. That was a huge load of fun. The other people in the band were similarly lapsed musicians, and some people who had never played before.

But. Fast forward three years, and I found myself increasingly impatient at some band members’ inability to grok the general concept of music. Coming in at the wrong time and playing in the wrong key signature are things that can be forgiven, for a new piece, maybe once or twice, but a number of people kept doing this, over and over and over again.

*cue in me rolling my eyes*

The music we played was kinda-OK, a bit too easy for me, but fun. But it required me to do no practice whatsoever. I had become lazy (hang on a tic, I’ll get to how this relates to writing in a minute).

So, I decided to quit that group and go to another group within the same organisation. This group contains a number of people who have serious musical experience. The music is like AARGH OMFG WHAT ARE ALL THESE NOTES??!! But today, I went through all the sheets and sorted it out at my own pace and I actually think I can get up to manageable level within a month or two.

The lesson for writers? Say, you’re in a crit group, and you’re all of the same level when you start. But over time, while the other members are choosing to stay mediocre writers by not working hard at their craft and not challenging themselves (for whatever reason, and I’m not challenging the validity of those reasons), you do work hard and make a few decent sales. Very soon you’ll find that the benefit you get from the group is not what it used to be, apart from the social aspect. If that happens to you, for crying out loud, go and find another crit group.

2 comments on “Mediocrity is not an option

    • hahaha!

      You ask a person with a family what they do on Saturdays, and it’s… uhm… soccer, the washing, picking up kids from band, going shopping with said kids to replace clothing or footwear lost or destroyed, taking kids to parties, volunteering at school and club functions, etc. etc.

      Unfortunately writing clubs don’t feature in this list, much less if they’re all the way in Parramatta.

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