Image of the day is still playing with fire

Further to the image I was working on yesterday. In some areas, such as the face and the upper arm, it was really flat, so I added an extra light and some shading. I fiddled a bit more with the flames, but this is the only area I’m not entirely happy about. In lieu of finding a less shitty map for the fire, I might simply touch it up in Photoshop.

Some people remarked that they thought she was smiling. I was going more for the evil maniacal laughter, so I changed her expression, as well as her face, to be more consistent with the colour of her skin.

I’d like to render a big version and put it on DeviantArt, but that’s going to take something like two hours to render, so I think I’ll start that process tomorrow morning, or some other time I don’t actually want to use the computer.


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