Image of the day looks at the warrior again

So, remember him? I made an environment. I also found some mist that doesn’t take eons to render, although this is not as good as the other one.

On a forum somewhere, people were scornful of these cg images to use as book covers, but I think it’s very common in fantasy. For a good image, you just need to make sure that you don’t use a simple flat render.

I’ve found some of the requirements to be these:
– you should use more than one light, and use fade-outs for each light. The ‘distant light’ setting is useful for landscapes but for little else, because it gives very flat renders.
– you should use a quality shader and fiddle with the settings, in particular adding a second specular and velvet, and play with the other settings.
– you should alter downloaded modules and until the standard settings are no longer obvious. Change the colour, the mats, the bump maps and use displacement. View them from an unusual angle. Just fiddle with it until it looks good.
– you should try to add some volumetric/atmosphere variable.
– try to find or make some additional items. There are sites where you can get a lot of models for free. A weapon (such as the sword above), a piece of jewellery or item of furniture is easy to import in .obj format. Learn how to do this.

There is probably lots of other stuff, but I’m still learning. The dude above still needs work. I think this picture is too close up, and somewhere in creating the mist I managed to lose the water. Drat. To be continued.


2 comments on “Image of the day looks at the warrior again

  1. You’re lighting is good, but your skin is failing you. Are you using sub-surface scattering? It’s computationally expensive, but makes a HUGE difference between realistic skin and fake looking skin.

    Also, it doesn’t look like you’re using a texture map for the skin. The warrior’s skin is the same all over. A decent high-resolution texture map shouldn’t cost more than $20 or so for pre made models for posing software (making a good texture is an art that takes a lot of time to master, so buy if you can). Ideally, get a texture that includes a specular and bump map as well as a color map.

    Good luck.

    • Subsurface scattering and velvet are both turned on, and I used a skin map, not a blank. On the other hand, it never ceases to amaze me how the dispay on the WordPress blogs dulls a good image.

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