The Far Horizon will leap into print (soon)

One of the huge advantages of the self-publishing road is that you don’t have to do everything at once, and you can experiment with things, and change them as needed.

In that vein, I’ve held off making much fuss of getting print copies for any of my books. But I’ve heard many people doing the Createspace thing, and one of the prime books for this would be my kids book, because kids are not known to be heavy ereader users.

Problem was, some of the images used to make the cover for The Far Horizon are too low-res to be scalable to the resolution required for print. So I needed to start over with that one. Over the past months, I’ve been thinking about this, and gathering stuff I could possibly use.

The feel I need the cover to convey is: it’s a book for kids, it’s science fiction, it takes place in a space station, it involves action, kiddie naughtiness and running around in prohibited places.

Much fiddling with character files and settings later, I have arrived at the image below, shown in large and smaller format. I quite like the result, but remain open for improvements in the future. Which is the aforementioned great thing about ebooks and POD.

3 comments on “The Far Horizon will leap into print (soon)

  1. I love it. The space station background is neat and the way you’ve done the heading is really great. Only out of place thing is how shiny the kids clothes are. I definitely like it more than your old cover 🙂

    • I think the old cover scales better to small size (as in the Amazon also-boughts) but as I said, the beauty of self-publishing is that you can swap things around and try other approaches.

  2. I did try it with less gloss, but that negated the effect of the blue glow and made the figure too dark. I would have had to increase the lighting, but that made the face washed out. So this is a compromise.

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