After I posted the proposed cover yesterday, several people commented that they thought the image was rather dark. I know this varies a lot on screen, so I tried a brighter image. I was going to for backlit effect, but I guess that didn’t work as well as I hoped. Anyway, here is another try. Personally, I think it’s a bit too bright, but maybe I just need to turn down the monitor.

In further progress reports, I can announce that finishing a trilogy is definitely harder than starting one. I wrote the bulk of book 1 of the Icefire trilogy in five weeks. I didn’t do anything with it for two years afterwards, but that’s another story. Book 2 was easy, because I already knew what needed to happen and, more importantly, how it needed to happen. Book 3 is a lot harder, because all the seeds I’ve thrown out in earlier books need to come to fruition, and need to do so in a way that makes sense, and that results in a flowing storyline that builds tension at the right places. I knew what needed to happen, I sort-of knew how it would happen, but I didn’t know how or when. To top it off, the three storylines operate on an entirely different level, from very personal to very broad.

But I have arrived at chapter 28 and have a few chapters to go before I can say THE END. They are important chapters, and won’t be done in a hurry. That said, I have everyone where I want them, and I have even managed to get the love affair in.

When I get to the end, there will be some edits at chapter-level and then liner edits. By that time it should be good to go.

5 comments on “Progress

  1. I think what made the first one look dark was the backlighting. Is it possible to add another light in front of the kid instead of brightening the light at the back? Or maybe a different coloured light at the front, I’m not sure. (And that said, I didn’t have a problem with yesterday’s cover being too dark.)

      • Hmm. *compares again* Maybe a different colour then? It looks a bit too unnatural in this one… Or a dimmer light behind to compensate. Hmm. Also, I notice you got rid of his arm bands. I thought they added a bit of definition to the suit.

      • The program got rid of the arm bands by f&&&ing up the suit and I had to do the whole thing again. I also probably prefer something in the middle between the two. Don’t know if I can re-instate the arm bands without the program again making up its own (ugly) mind about the suit.

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