Sale: novel Ambassador to Ticonderoga Publications

It is now official!

I can now announce that Ticonderoga Publications will publish my novel Ambassador in 2013. I’m very happy about this. It’s hands down the book I’ve had most fun writing, ever.

If you’ve read The Far Horizon, you will recognise the character of Cory Wilson, who is now an adult, and has just taken on a rubber stamp diplomatic job that suddenly takes on a huge importance after an act of terrorism. The story involves politics and intrigue, both alien and earthly, dangerous cultural differences and a young diplomat in the middle of an ugly dispute, doing his best to avoid an armed confrontation.

If someone would ask me to name a well-known similar title, I would say the Miles Vorkosigan series, except there are aliens. Ironically, I’d read none of the McMaster Bujold books before I finished this book.

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