Book review deal

People are reading my work. People are posting reviews to my work. But, most people post their reviews only in one place. Usually that place is goodreads, or LibraryThing. But I want more reviews on Amazon. So, any of you who have already read any of my stuff (short or long, or non-fiction) and haven’t posted reviews on Amazon, here is an easy way to get any (or all) of my fiction that you don’t have and that you’d like and isn’t currently free.

It’s simple:

1. Post a review on Amazon. A copy of your goodreads review is fine. If you want me to really, really love you, copy the review to B & N as well.

2. Contact me here or elsewhere.

3. I’ll send you epub or mobi files.

A lot of my short work doesn’t have any reviews on Amazon at all. A lot of those stories are free on Smashwords. Or, if they’re not, let me know and I’ll send you a copy. Longer work, too, if you want.

Heck, it’s a review-fest!

8 comments on “Book review deal

    • I think you need to have bought one thing there. I only ever have–so that I could comment on my own stuff. If you have EVER bought anything at Amazon, you can post, as far as I know. Unlike Smashwords, they don’t require that you have bought the particular item on which you want to post a comment. Just any item, only once.

  1. Happy to write a review on Amazon if you give me a link to a particular book you’d like reviewed. Happy to pay.

    • This is my Amazon page on which you will see a number of short stories that don’t have any reviews at all. If you go to my Smashwords page you can download a lot of these stories for free (Amazon does not allow you to make a story free; you can do it, but it’s both unreliable and temperamental). At the moment, I’m most keen to get some reviews for anything that doesn’t have a review. Most are only short.

      There is a fair difference between the genre, subject matter and tone of some of these stories, so I prefer not to steer anyone in any direction.


  2. Just left a review of The Far Horizon (a slightly expanded version of my Goodreads review) and a brand new review of The Peaceful State of War on Amazon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find either at B&N.

    I have more of your work in my to-read list. As soon as I finish them I’ll post more Amazon (and B&N if I can find them and if I can even create an account as a Canadian).

    • Thank you!

      Those stories are only at Amazon, because they’re in the Select program at present (which is a program geared towards subscription lending libraries). Most importantly, this program allows you to set a number of days that you book is free (which may be how some of you obtained the works in question *grin*). It’s a very important tool for writers, because normally Amazon doesn’t allow you to set a zero price for your work. You will notice that Charlotte’s Army is (still) free. This is achieved by setting a zero price elsewhere, and sometimes (in this case unexpectedly) Amazon picks up on it for the sake of competition.

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