Like before but only better

I announced a while ago that I was working on a print version of The Far Horizon, to be sold on Createspace and Lightning Source. One of the disadvantages of self-publishing is that—argh!–you have to do it all yourself, so it gets pretty darn busy.

I did the cover and the layout. I’ve done file layout for print before, so that should be easy, right? Sure, but it takes a lot of time. Anyway, I uploaded the lot to createspace, ordered a proof and settled in to wait for the sloooooooow boat to deliver it to me. Then the proof arrived, and I didn’t like the way the cover came out. It was what I would call ‘acceptable’ but no more than that.

So I decided to get a Real Cover Artist to design a cover. The cover you see here was done by Tom Edwards in the UK who has, amongst other things, also done covers for XBOX games. Since the story involves online games, he was an obvious choice.

So I’ve just re-uploaded it all to createspace and am waiting for the hamsters over there to do their thing. Next: Lightning Source.

What was this thing called ‘writing’ again?


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