Another shameless review drive

Thousands of people have downloaded Watcher’s Web from Amazon. It has 11 reviews on goodreads, but only 4 on Amazon. I think we can do better than that, so here’s the deal: write a review, let me know about it, and I’ll send you any of my other books for free.

ETA: Thanks everyone. There are now nine reviews, and this review deal has been quite successful, so I will continue it for the time being. Once you post your review, please let me know here or on Facebook or Twitter.

4 comments on “Another shameless review drive

    • I’ve found this a really successful way of getting reviews, because you get people who have already read the book to post their thoughts, so it’s quick.

  1. With the crazy number of free books available on for various promotions, I’m not surprised that so few reviews have popped up. I think many people download book after book and have so many books at their disposal that they just end up not reading most of them, and then in the mean time are still reading books they either buy or get at the library. I hope they do eventually read your book and write a review for it! I imagine it’s so frustrating to see those download numbers and then have so few reviews.

    • I agree that a lot of free books are probably not being read and that it’s hard to get reviews anyway, but this is a completely shameless way I’ve found very successful in generating a few reviews eveery time I do it.

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