I’ve moved my graphics stuff to DeviantArt, but this is too awesome not to be shared.

I’ve had terrible trouble with graphics files that require large amounts of user input, such as the bamboo tablet and any program that uses real-time previews of rendered files. The screen would freeze, go black, and it’d come up with “the graphics drive has crashed and recovered” and I’d have to re-start whatever graphics software I was using. It was an utter pain in the neck, and I tried installing the latest graphics driver, and using the bamboo tablet *very carefully*. Even so, it was impossible for me to run Terragen, and it is such an awesome program.


I solved the problem!

(which was, incidentally, to run the computer at a lower speed–there is a button for this purpose at the top of my keyboard. Presumably it saves battery power)

So, I bring you Terragen:

(I’m going to have to buy the full version of this program now *makes eyes at writers who would like a $25 pre-made cover for their ebooks*)

I decided that a basic mountain valley looked too much like Afghanistan, so I added a lake. Light effects added in Photoshop.

Mordor! Same valley sans lake with a weird red sky setting and four layers of Photoshop effects.

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