Sorry to gloat but how awesome is this?

Part of a revamp of this book, which includes a new book in the series, to be published some time next year. Part 2 will be called Trader’s Honour, and will feature a different main character, but some characters from Watcher’s Web will also make an appearance.


3 comments on “Sorry to gloat but how awesome is this?

    • I’ve changed the cover to fit a sequel, and I’ve made some cosmetic changes to the file. This was one of my very early files that I still made through the mobipocket creator. I’ve updated the bio and stuff like that.

      This book has been selling regularly, but series sell better, and I always wanted to publish a sequel, but wasn’t happy with the original version until I figured that I needed another character. The original was sequel was written from a 35-yo male character, and he didn’t suit the feel of Watcher’s Web. He’s still in the book, but I’ve found another character to tell the story.

      Jessica is in the sequel, but is not a POV character.

    • The other reason for the new cover is that I wanted to make a print version so that I can bring some copies to Conflux (:P) and the other design was not scalable.

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