Witches, Wizards and Magic Halloween promotion

A couple of authors at the Kindleboards got together for a Halloween promotion of books including magicians and magic. I entered Fire & Ice, which will be available for 99c at Amazon from now until 1 Nov.

You’ll find heaps of other promos and free books at the Witchy-ebook site, all of them with witches or wizards, dark or light-hearted, scary or funny.

Fire & Ice doesn’t have witches, but it has a wizard, and some pretty evil magic. One of the underlying assumptions of the book is that magic will corrupt everybody.

Halloween in Australia is a bit of a joke. I mean–what is scary about kids sweating under black cloth, long and warm days and a suburb purple with flowering jacarandas? Wrong season, wrong weather.

That said, here is a link to a simple recipe for best-ever pumpkin soup because this time of year has lots of pumpkins. Chainsaw not included.

Header image courtesy of a freebie background at Renderosity.

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