Announcements, new projects and future ARCs

Shifting Reality is marching towards its official release. You can already see it in the right-hand column, and yes, the link is live.

Tsana is one of my Tweeps and feebs who grabbed the ARC, and she has been so awesome to write a review, which you can see here. I would love it if a few other ARC-readers posted their comments on Amazon and/or other sites, too.

On the review front, I also got this awesome review by a mother and her son for The Far Horizon.

I have quite enjoyed posting the book on my blog and making material available to followers, but I may do this a little different in the future, because I prefer to keep ARCs in the hands of “real” people. Making them publicly available opens the way for piracy. In the right-hand-column on this page, you will see a “subscribe to my newsletter” link. If you click that, you will be taken to a Mailchimp form. I intend to use that newsletter only for new releases and “special function” promos like ARCs. There won’t be much email. A post will go out within the next few days, but then not until the next book comes out. I’d love to see you there.

Talking about the next book, the project I’ve already started is Trader’s Honour, the standalone sequel to Watcher’s Web. After that, I will probably tackle book 2 of the Ambassador series. I have not yet talked with Russ about the ebook rights for book 1 (how awesome is it to have a publisher who doesn’t grab all the rights and never uses half of them?). He may end up doing an ebook version of book 1, or I may do it, but it would be cool to have book 2 come out at roughly the same time. Alternatively, there is a loosely-related sequel to Shifting Reality, or the Allion novel. Or what about a seriously demented alternate history set in the time of the great ocean voyages? Or an urban fantasy set on Sydney’s north shore involving were-possums?

Clearly, I am not desperate for things to write.

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