Trader’s Honour some delightful progress

Trader's HonourProgress is good on this book. While I work, and to spur myself on, I’ve made book 1 of the Icefire trilogy free. At the moment it’s only free on Smashwords, but that will filter through to other sites over the next few weeks. I don’t like giving away books that I can also sell, so I better hurry up and finish this one!

Over the past few days, something pretty incredible happened with my current WIP Trader’s Honour. I’d been working on dialogue and character motivation, and got some good fireworks going between my main character Mikandra Bisumar, who was in the scene I posted last week, and another major character, who comes across as terse, authoritarian and bully-ish.

But all of a sudden, a couple of barriers broke. A situation turned bad, and Mikandra proves herself in a big way. They’re not out of trouble, but suddenly, there is a fight worth fighting. And all of a sudden, these two characters fell in love with each other, the head-over-heels type. It even took me by surprise.

I’ve had a bit of time to think about this–as writer you have all the strings in your hands–and I’ve allowed them to proceed. I feels right. Plus, the prospect of an extremely high-profile wedding gives me lots of opportunity to set up the next book.

Cue in a happy writer!

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