Under a clear sky tonight

night sky

I just took this photo from the back veranda. I had to go and find my tripod, which I was reminded is the MOST AWESOMEST tripod ever. You can put it everywhere, on the stairs, on a rocky slope, on a row of cinema seats, in the water. You can hang it upside down. You can hang the camera sideways and upside down. The legs are released with one lever and can move independently of one another (this tripod, incidentally, is a Benbo Trekker see some pictures of what it can do here and it’s really a most un-tripod-like tripod)

There was only a bit of digital mischief involved with this picture. I had to focus manually, because it was too dark for the autofocus to work. The Moon is out of focus because it’s very hazy.


6 comments on “Under a clear sky tonight

  1. Looks good. I hate focussing manually because I’m never sure if I can trust my eyes (and it’s a bit too easy to change the focus on the *viewfinder* of my camera which doesn’t help).

    • It’s even harder to focus manually if it’s too dark to see 😛 I just took a couple of shots and grabbed the best one.

      • OMG, some of those are just awesome. Whenever I get to a place without glare, I’ll take some pictures, too. Also, when I get that telephoto lens

      • Those were just with my cheap (but surprisingly good) default 18-55mm. I’ve since got a 55-300mm that I’m dying to try on stars (it’s always too overcast here for anything other than the moon) but I’m a bit worried about star trails. 30sec exposure is about the limit for avoiding them (damned rotation of the Earth ;-p ) and with more zoom, even on high ISO, I think the exposure needed will be too long. Ideally, one would use one of those fancy star tracking tripods, but they’re not exactly affordable last I checked.

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