Rocks, golf and birds at Long Bay

Yesterday’s pictures.

As Sydneysiders may have noticed, I’ve been working my way south. This is related to the time it takes me to drive from Central (where I have to drop my husband off at 5.30am) to wherever I’m going to take pictures. I need to be there before sunrise, and get more time each week because of lengthening nights.

So, yesterday I got to Long Bay, only to find that it’s oriented so that you can’t see the sunrise from there. And it was a bit gloomy. I took a few pictures anyway, but the weather looked most unremarkable. To my surprise the pre-dawn pictures came out awesome.

Long Bay rocks

I don’t know why the heck this area has so many golf courses, but it’s ridiculous.

emerald city

There was a dead possum on the beach, which attracted a bunch of crows.


Gazanias are weeds from South Africa, but let’s not hold that against them for the sake of this picture.

flower at seaside

Next week, I’ll probably go back to Maroubra, because there is something I want to try that didn’t work last week. The beaches further south face the wrong way, and there would be awesome pictures to be taken at La Perouse, but it’s still a bit far for me to drive before sunrise.


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