Bronte, gravestones and dogs

I said last week that I wanted to go further north, but I didn’t end up going back to Maroubra. I ended up going to Bronte. From the clifftops, you get this pretty view over Bronte beach and the headlands at Bondi.


And then I came across this! Waverley cemetery. I suppose I should have known that it was there, but I forgot.


This is a picture I took while it was still dark. I goofed up, and moved the camera while the shutter was still open, and got this eerie ghostly effect. Awesome!


Sad dogs waiting for their owners at Bronte beach. Take note of the sign on the fence.


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4 comments on “Bronte, gravestones and dogs

    • This is serious inner-city beach territory, and as far as I know all of the eastern suburbs beaches are no-dog beaches (too much shit). There were at least twenty other dogs there, tied to conveniently-placed fences. The owners were in the rock pool, I think.

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