The national capital in pictures

In the header (click on the post title if you’re not seeing what I’m talking about below): the War Memorial in Canberra.

Lake George

I drove to Canberra on Wednesday. I’d always wanted to stop at Lake George. It’s the weirdest thing ever, a lake without water, except that one time in 1991 (I think) when we came over the dam on the Collector side and we went like WHOA! because it was full of water, all the way up to the road. It felt like having discovered the elusive inland ocean. On Wednesday, however, Lake George was its usual, barren, dry self. It’s windy (hence the windmills) and absolutely bloody freezing.


The weather was awful on Wednesday. I wanted to take sunset pictures, but man, it was waaayy too windy and too cold. By the time I took this, my ears were about to fall off.

parliament house

View of old and new parliament house from the top floor of the War Memorial, with the aid of a big telephoto lens.


Poppies at the War Memorial.

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4 comments on “The national capital in pictures

  1. I got the surprise of my life one year driving along that road. I hadn’t realised there was even a lake there up until then, and the water was up to the road then too!

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