Photography at the zoo!

So, I went to the zoo in Canberra. The above picture (click on post title if you’re not seeing a cheetah) is not a trick. At Canberra zoo, they have tame cheetahs. Cheetahs are one of the few predators that can be tamed and trusted after they’ve become used to being around people. Cheetahs can also not roar. The bucket, by the way, contained a whole chicken. Later, I spotted one of the cheetahs trying to catch a magpie.

Tigers, though, is an entirely different matter, although this particular one was not interested in roaring.

sleepy tiger



Meerkat. Yay for big telephoto lenses.


This lungfish especially for fellow writer Annie Bellet. Look up her books on Amazon and see why.

lung fish

A huge groper. I have a whole series of pictures where the eye looks in different directions. Also, yay for the 6400 ISO setting on the camera. No flash needed.






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