Morning magic at Little Bay

It’s Monday, and the day of the week that I get up at stupid-o-clock to drop my husband off at central before heading somewhere to take sunrise pictures. I’d been heading south before last week, when I went to Bronte, which was north, but I decided to continue my way south.

So. Little Bay. A lot has changed there since I used to go there with some friends to look at marine life. A whole suburb has sprung up. The bay itself is only small (DUH!) and the hinterland not very interesting (whaddyamean, not another bloody golf course??). Surprisingly also, there was almost no bird life, save for a seagull roost at the northern end of the beach–and I left those in peace. I’ve always found a lot of birds on golf courses, but not today. So we have some pretty pictures of the ocean.

Little Bay sunrise

First light. You can’t tell in this picture, but it was so dark that this is a 25-second exposure. I couldn’t see what I was doing with the camera, so had to use my phone to light the top of the dial to set the auto-timer. If you have the camera on a tripod and the shutter is going to be open a long time, you want to step away from it so that the tripod stops wobbling before it starts taking the picture. I take all long exposure and HDR shots (all of the ones in this post are double exposures) with the self timer. You can’t use the camera’s HDR function without a tripod.

Little Bay sunrise4

Sunrise over turbulent water.

Little Bay rocks

A rocky bay in the next inlet.

Little Bay beach

There is no one here on a Monday morning. Believe it or not, but there are lots of houses and apartments less than 100m from where I took this picture.


9 comments on “Morning magic at Little Bay

    • Thanks. These are all HDR double exposures, and sometimes you can tell, like in the top one, which is a composite of two 25-second exposures. Yeah, it really was bloody dark. I should perhaps wave my Photoshop magic a little bit more. Funny thing is sometimes things won’t show up in Photoshop, but are clearer when I put the pictures on the blog.

      • Thanks Patty … the detail in the full size pic just took my breath away. I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing about buying a camera (instead of my cellphone one) and this might just tip the balance. 😀

      • This is not even the largest resolution. If you can, go for a full-frame camera, not the cheaper half-frame. Of course this will depend on your budget, but I’ve been making do with cheap cameras for a long time, and this one just blows all of them out of the water.

        Apart from that, invest in a really good tripod, not the regular crap you buy at camera stores. I’ve had a few of those fall apart on me, too.

        A lot of these shots are HDR composites, and you absolutely can’t do those without a tripod.

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