Image of the day has a planet


Because I can.

I spent some time bumming around with Photoshop. I found a tutorial on how to make planets, so now I have a whole bunch of planets.

Writing update:

I now have a completed scene sequence for the first part of Soldier’s Duty. I’ll work out the scenes and get them into shape before proceeding to the second part of the story.

I’ve started something new and unexpected: a sequel for Shifting Reality.

And I’ve got some edits for Ambassador, so guess what I’ll be doing this long weekend?


4 comments on “Image of the day has a planet

    • It’s VERY embryonic still, but there are solid ideas for a story that will involve military action, a wayward viral mindbase (from Luminescence), some Indonesian black magic and a limping space station.

      The publication of Trader’s Honour has convinced me that books don’t start selling consistently until there is a sequel, so, uhm, yup. I will probably call it Shifting Infinity (and there is room in the story for another sequel).

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