Photography: early morning and weird mist at La Perouse

In the header: weird sandstone formations at Bare Island, La Perouse.

So, La Perouse is the furthest I can go south before falling into Botany Bay.

It has no handy beaches that face east, but it has a tower that looks like a castle! And it was weird and misty this morning.

La Perouse tower

Tide pools just before dawn, looking out to the east. The land on the horizon is Cape Solander (Kurnell). I would love to take dawn photographs there one day, but it’s way too far to drive all the way around Botany Bay.

La Perouse tide pools

Sandstone formation on Bare Island (which is connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge).

La perouse rocks

View over the industrial Port Botany in the mist.

La Perouse port botany

Just after the sun came up, a weird mist rolled over the bay and everything turned pink.

La Perouse pink mist


2 comments on “Photography: early morning and weird mist at La Perouse

    • LOL I don’t think these are as good as last week’s. The mist looked awesome, but it didn’t translate very well onto the pictures. Caused, no doubt, in part by the fact that the lens kept fogging up.

      I’m getting some new filters this week which will allow me to take long exposure shots during the day.

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