Photography: sunrise in colour at Balmoral

Something different! North side of the harbour.

It’s amazing how busy it is at Balmoral Beach at dawn. There are joggers, fitness/bootcamp classes (most of those occupied by people over 60), people walking all kinds, sizes, shapes and colours of dogs, and a surprising lot of people in the water. Brrr! It’s winter. It’s NOT warm.

View from the northern end of the beach. The shutter was open for about 30 seconds for this image. The stripe of light in the left-hand side is the Manly ferry.

Balmoral predawn

View back over the beach and pavilion.

Balmoral pavillion 2

View towards the heads. Another surprising thing is the sheer volume of water traffic that comes past, everything from canoes (with little lights) to ferries to huge freight ships.

Last week, I bought a cheap Cokin P-series filter holder with a whole bunch of filters and I’ve been trying them out to see if I should invest in some dedicated filters. I really like the colour filters as I used in some of these images. They obviously need a bit of getting used to, but they can really enhance the natural colours. I *would* really like the neutral density filters (which do nothing except reduce the amount of light entering the camera) if only they didn’t blur the image. So, it’s probably worth investing $50 or so (this was how much the whole package of 24 filters cost me) to get a good ND 4 and 6 filter.

Balmoral sunrise

Here is another picture of the pavilion with an orange and blue filter.

Balmoral pavillion


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