Photography: dawn at Milson’s Point

This morning, I went to Milson’s Point, North Sydney, directly underneath the Harbour Bridge.

When I got there, this massive cruise ship was just going underneath the bridge:

Milsons point boat under bridge

Milsons point city dawn

Kirribilly jetty.

Milsons point jetty

Since these are all timed exposures, the hardest part of taking these pictures is making sure nothing big, like the Manly ferry, goes through the image while the shutter is open.

Milsons point opera house and city

The sun came up.

Milsons point view under bridge

Milsons point opera house through arch

Unfortunately also, the Harbour ate my lens cap. It was really cold, and my fingers frozen. I moved the tripod away from the water to change the lens, put the cap on the lens that was on the camera, and as I took the lens off, the cap fell off, rolled over the pavement into the water. Damn! That was the first time I’d done that in all the years I’ve taken photographs.

3 comments on “Photography: dawn at Milson’s Point

    • I was being so careful, too, taking the tripod away from the water, but the damn thing rolled on its side.

      I’ll get another lens cap tomorrow, or maybe I’ll just order one online. I need a polarising filter, too.

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