Photography: dawn at the Spit Bridge

As I said on Twitter, these last few days we’ve been having some really boring 100% clear skies at sunrise, which makes for nice weather, but also makes for featureless sunrises. It’s that clouds that make it interesting. So I’ve had to find some interesting features to fill the pictures instead. Last week, that was the city. I thought I’d try something different: the Spit Bridge marina.

Before dawn, you can see the stars in the sky.

spit bridge boats

spit bridge reflections

Serenity oblivious to the morning traffic (not visible in the picture, but roaring past my back while I was taking this picture)

spit bridge pink

And yay for polarising filters!

spit bridge marina

The Spit Bridge, one of Sydney’s traffic snarls.

spit bridge

Traffic rushes past the quiet spot.

spit bridge traffic


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