Publisher skullduggery?

I am speechless. Who says that when you submit a book to a big publisher, it’s safe from being ripped?

Go read this

Do read the comments.

Personally, I don’t know that the author will be able to prove anything, but seriously WHAT THE FUCK??? Hire a ghost author to write this series that was “such a wonderful idea” (but they wouldn’t publish it off Authonomy). Seriously, Harper Collins?

The books in question are here (the original) and here (the HC version).

No, no, OK. Ideas happen at the same time. You know, I’ve totally been accused of “copying” aliens from Avatar in Watcher’s Web, because the na’vi and Pengali both have tails, never mind everything else is different and never mind that I wrote Watcher’s Web long before Avatar came out. That stuff happens.

But this is just… I’m speechless.

Oh, and do you know that earlier this year the same publisher pulled this trick?

What the actual fuck, big publishing?


3 comments on “Publisher skullduggery?

    • What I don’t get is: why didn’t they just take on the original author’s book? Back then, he would have been over the moon, and everyone would have been happy, seeing as I don’t know that HC ever bought any book that reached the Editor’s Desk.

      I posted the story here pretty much as the author presented it. I have no means to know how much of it checks out. As I said, I very much doubt any of it would stand up in court, and taking it to court is not worth it anyway, but on the face of it, this looks very ugly. Both cases of copying. In case of the copied cover, the whole drama was played out in a public forum, where the author detailed that HC had pressured her cover artist to sell her really cool cover to them.

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