The Great Wall of Bleh

This week, I’ve been banging my head against this manuscript, and not getting anywhere much with it.

Sadly, it is a familiar feeling. Some people call it “horrible middle”, and it has hit me in almost every book I’ve written with very few exceptions.

It’s a “everyone will hate this” kind of bleh.

Or a “I’m sick of this” kind of bleh.

Or a “Can I go and write something else now?” kind of bleh.

Or a “I have no idea what I’m doing” kind of bleh.

It usually occurs just before a few pieces of the story fall into place. Often, I didn’t know the character motivations quite as well as I thought I did.

Re-reading the manuscript usually helps. So does making a diagram with who is related to whom and what their relationship is and what they want out of that relationship. The world of For Queen And Country has become a lot more complicated in three books. I don’t “do” simplistic worldbuilding. Within a country, not everyone belongs to the same church. Within the same church, not everyone takes all the teachings equally seriously. Within the group of people who do take it seriously, not everyone interprets teachings in the same way. Each of those people have different motives for believing and acting as they do. Throw into this mix a couple of different nationalities, a couple of ghosts and magic and a lack of communication (no internet in the 1600′s, people!) and you have a big mess. I like my worlds messy. I like there to be some stuff that makes no sense, things that people do just because they have always done them in the same way.

So,while I keep hammering at this manuscript, note that both Ambassador and Shifting Reality are at $2.99 or something close to that amount at most outlets.

The Great Wall of Bleh was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants

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One comment on “The Great Wall of Bleh

  1. I get the great wall of Bleh too. Usually it means I’ve gone off the plot a bit and have to backtrack a couple of scenes to get it going again but boy it can take me months to work it out. My sympathies!



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